Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation

Our mission is to help ensure prompt, effective support following crises and disasters involving an organization, its employees and customers, and anyone else affected. We accomplish this objective by:


  • Providing the planning, training, and resources needed for an organization to effectively assist people involved in any crisis or disaster;

  • Learning what is helpful, and what is not, from the true experts – survivors, family members, responders, and others in the "ripple" that encompasses all who are affected by a tragedy; and

  • The Foundation recognizes the emotional connection that exists between a company and survivors (passengers, customers. employees, and all families) when a tragedy occurs in business operations. Reaching out quickly and compassionately, we assist organizations in exercising their power to help families regain control over their lives. The Foundation and sister company, Aviem International, work together in conjunction with local authorities and other agencies to provide support for those at risk during and following a crisis. Our support models are based on research spanning 30 plus years with survivors of tragedies involving business and industry.  


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Background Photo: Empty seats at the Flights 3378 & 3379 Memorial Dedication represented each of the 27 irreplaceable souls lost.

Image: Stephen Young, FAF

2020 Americas Member-Partner Meeting

October 21-23, 2020, in Anchorage, AK

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Video Excerpt - Captain Cyrano Latiff

Captain Latiff was co-pilot of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ006, which was involved in an accident on takeoff in Taipei on Oct. 31, 2000. In this excerpt from his interview with Dr. Carolyn Coarsey, Captain Latiff describes a very important milestone in his own journey toward healing and the role the Foundation played. 

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