Compassion Conciousness Award™

The Heart Award™

Sharing the Journey Award™

The Foundation periodically awards the Compassion Consciousness Award™ to an individual who works in a field where crisis and survivor/family assistance is the primary function. In that capacity, the awardee will have significantly contributed to the development and productivity of all who are committed to helping people in crisis. Nominees should be people whose work enhances the efforts of organizations, employees, survivors and all who serve in delivering compassionate care to those in need and advances the Foundation's mission of empowering survivors of all types of crises and disasters.

The Foundation's Heart Award™ recognizes organizations that have risen to the extreme challenges caused by an extraordinary event such as an emergency, natural disaster or other crisis. The awardee will have demonstrated compassion and outstanding leadership in meeting the needs of the public and in serving families, employees, and other survivors directly affected by the event.

The Foundation's Sharing the Journey Award™ honors four individuals - two employees and two survivors. Survivor recipients have offered assistance that furthers the Foundation’s mission of empowering people following tragedy, for example by speaking in classes or workshops, volunteering in other ways, and helping other survivors.


Employee recipients will have contributed to assisting survivors above and beyond the expectations of their daily job responsibilities. Their assistance may or may not be related to a formal response and may also include any activity where they have played a leadership role in developing a family assistance program at their organization or industry, or assisted a customer, client, passenger, or guest in crisis in the employee’s workplace.