Board of Directors

Jeff Morgan is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Foundation as well as President & CEO of Aviem International, Inc.

Jeff Morgan

Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey is the President and Co-Founder of the Foundation.  She is the President of Higher Resources, Inc., and serves as Executive Vice President of Corporate Philosophy and Family Assistance Programs for Aviem International, Inc.  

Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.

Rich Anderson

Rich Anderson serves on the Board of the Family Assistance Foundation as a family survivor. Rich’s daughter, Lauren, survived a plane crash in which 15 people were killed.

After receiving his BA in Industrial Technology, Rich began teaching on Long Island, New York. For 33 years, he taught both junior and high school Technology classes. His love of athletics drew him into coaching, and he coached soccer, baseball, wrestling and basketball throughout his teaching.


After retiring, he relocated to Weaverville, NC, (outside Asheville) with his wife, Marie. He spends much of his time working in his fully-equipped woodworking shop located in his basement, where he builds items for local antique stores and also for his own home.


In his golf community, he is active on the Architectural Review Board, which oversees plans for new construction and renovations. And, of course, he plays as much golf as he possibly can (which is almost every day!).


Rich currently belongs to the Knights of Columbus and the Rotary Club of Asheville, NC.


Rich has taken an active role in FAF since its inception because he believes the Foundation has played such an important part in his recovery from the trauma of his daughter Lauren’s aircraft accident. And he always finds time to be a great Pop to Lauren’s two children, Elizabeth and Patrick.

Scott Maurer

Scott Maurer brings a family member’s perspective, a wealth of business knowledge and experience, and determination to effect change to his role on our Board. Scott and his wife, Terry, have been active members of the Foundation for some time.

The Maurers lost their daughter, Lorin Maurer, in the 2009 crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407. Lorin, an accomplished athlete, had earned a Master’s degree and her ultimate goal was to serve as Athletic Director for a major Division I university. Her position at Princeton University involved working with coaches and former athletes to grow and develop sports and education programs.


Scott and Terry were touched when they learned how families from previous airline tragedies had also worked to effect change. “During our time of need we had no idea of all of the planning efforts previous families provided to help us deal with the fate we were facing,” he says. “Without that support it is unthinkable what we would have done and how we would have functioned just to get through those first few days. Now, knowing how important support is, Terry and I want to be there for others as they were for us.”


That opportunity came when the Foundation assisted a client that lost two pilots in an accident overseas. The parents of one of the men lived near Scott and Terry, who had previously completed Human Services Response™ training and responded immediately to help. 


Scott also brings extensive business knowledge and experience that will be helpful to the Foundation going forward. He and Terry have been married for over 35 years and recently relocated to Florida to be near their son and his family.