Response Examples

Chemical Spill


Community was impacted by chemical spill, but there were no physical injuries.


Brief Facts:

A chemical spill occurred in a warehouse and the company was concerned that the fumes of the hazardous material might harm residents in the surrounding area.  With the help of local EMS and American Red Cross, residents of homes in affected area were evacuated—some for only a few hours, others for as much as a night.


While there were no injuries, the company wanted to reach out to the community for the inconvenience of having to leave their homes for even a few hours.  They wanted to provide head of household (HOH) for each of the homes with a check for $300.00.


The Family Assistance Foundation (FAF) was mobilized.


On the Ground Activity in the Community:

The Foundation sent 12 responders to go door-to-door in the community where the incident occurred.  The company provided the responders with a platt, indicating where the houses were located that were believed to be impacted by the chemical spill.  They were also provided flyers, which explained what had happened at the warehouse.  The flyer also explained their intention to provide each household with a pre-determined amount of money to help offset any expenses they incurred, as well as a gesture of goodwill for any inconvenience the spill had caused them.  They were given a phone number into the FAF call center in case they had any questions.  Flyers were also left on the doors of residents who were not home, asking them to call in to the call center and provide info. for mailing checks.


Call Center: FAF call center was activated, outside Atlanta, and had trained support team members on the phones for a period of 10 days.  FAF team members collected information from callers who had returned home to find a flyer on their door and were calling in to provide information for receiving checks.  They also took calls from residents who’d been visited by the team on the ground and had additional questions.


The team collected information about who lived in each of the homes impacted.  The company was then able to mail a check to each of the families.


Crime in a Family


An executive based in the Middle East lost a daughter in a tragic crime.  His family lived in the US and needed the Foundation to support them for their company as they had no employees in the town where the tragedy occurred.  The Foundation was able to send a volunteer to assist the family.


Of the many things that the Foundation volunteer did was to connect the family with the local victims of crime organization that had many resources for assisting the family with regard to the legalities and long-term victim support for family members.  He also arranged for food and other basic needs that family members were unable to think about during the shock and disbelief that permeated the home during the first few days following the tragedy.  In addition to helping with logistical needs the family had, he also arranged to have a reception following the funeral catered by a local country club, known for their excellent food and service.


After the funeral he also arranged for counseling of the family members both in the town where the family lived in the US as well as the Middle East.


Tragic Fall


Just off the coast of Scotland, an employee of an energy company fell from a very tall structure on a rig.  He sustained a head injury and was flown to a neurological hospital in Southampton, England.  He was not expected to live.


A local Foundation member, a rail company, was able to assign a volunteer to assist the family.  She met the family at the airport and drove them to the hospital for the visits as family members arrived over the next several days.  She acquainted them with the area so that they could step out of the hospital and visit the nearby park and find food outside of the hospital cafeteria.  She also helped them get a cot for the baby so that the small child would have a place to sleep in the hotel room where the injured man’s fiancé was staying.


She sat with the family in the waiting area at different times so that they would have someone else to make conversation with as they waited to see the outcome of the young man.  Miraculously, the man lived and she was able to help them get back to the airport and travel home.