QPR Quick Quotes

The Foundation works closely with Dr. Paul Quinnett and the team at the QPR Institute to provide suicide prevention education and training, specifically customized for the corporate and industrial workplace. The Quick Quote series features true stories which illustrate how the QPR approach to preventing suicide can be applied. 

QQQ39 January 15, 2020: QPR Gatekeepers are Conscious of those Around them and Prepared to Make A Difference

QQQ38 December 18, 2019: Unresolved Trauma as A Predictor of Death by Suicide: QPR Theory Part III

QQQ37 November 20, 2019: Unresolved Trauma as A Predictor of Death by Suicide:QPR Theory Part II

QQQ36 October 16, 2019: Unresolved Trauma as A Predictor of Death by Suicide: QPR Theory Part 1

QQQ35 September 18, 2019: Education Needed to Increase Support for Cruise Line Employees & Crew Members on Ships

QQQ34 August 21, 2019: Saving a Life at Risk Sometimes Takes a Risk on the Part of Leadership

QQQ33 July 17, 2019: When a Mother of Three Lost Her Children; Delta Air Lines, Friends, and Co-Workers Were There for Her

QQQ32 June 19, 2019: Applying the Models for Mass-Disaster Family Assistance to All Tragedies, Regardless of Numbers or Cause, Could Result in Saving Lives

QQQ31 May 15, 2019: The Gatekeepers' Role in Supporting High-Risk Populations: Part 2

QQQ30 April 17, 2019: The Gatekeepers' Role in Supporting High-Risk Populations

QQQ 29 March 20, 2019: Something Was Finished, But Not Betty

QQQ 28 February 20, 2019: Captain Cyrano Latiff

QQQ 27 January 16, 2019: Mary's Story - Claiming the Right to Live Her Life

QQQ 26 December 26, 2018: Resources to Assist you with your Suicide Prevention Program

QQQ 25 December 12, 2018: US National Football League Takes Bold Steps to Open Discussion with Players and other Staff Members about Feelings of Depression and Suicide

QQQ24 November 28, 2018: Providing Practical Support and Finding Solutions to Problems does Prevent Suicide

QQQ23 November 14, 2018:  The Role Social Connectedness Plays in Suicide Prevention

QQQ22 October 31, 2018: Assisting an Aviation Partner with a Suicide

QQQ21 October 17, 2018: Supporting a Family on a Cruise Ship, Following Death by Suicide

QQQ20 October 3, 2018: Supporting Children When a Family Member Dies by Suicide: Communication is Crucial

QQQ19 September 19, 2018: See or Hear Something...Say Something

QQQ18 September 5, 2018:  Symptoms of Depression and Suicide Warning Signs in Children and Adolescents

QQQ17 August 22, 2018: To Prevent Suicide, We Must Assume that Everyone is Potentially at Risk

QQQ16 August 8, 2018: Understanding Depression, the Leading Cause of Suicide

QQQ15 July 25, 2018: Assisting Those We Love, May Mean Going Along With Them to Health Care Appointments

QQQ14 July 11, 2018: Listening is Key to Helping Someone Who is Suffering

QQQ13 June 27, 2018: Our Reactions to the Person at Risk for Suicide Matters

QQQ12 June 13, 2018: As Death by Suicide Increases, We Must Train
More Gatekeepers

QQQ11 May 30, 2018: An Example of Calling for Help, Nearly too Late​

QQQ10 May 16, 2018: Brenda’s Story: Her Psychic Pain was too Great
for Her Children to be a Protective Factor

QQQ9 May 2, 2018: Painful Learning Opportunities: a Teen’s Family and Friends

QQQ8 April 18, 2018: Saving a Life as the Number One Priority

QQQ7 April 4, 2018: Providing Hope during Vulnerable Times​

QQQ6 March 21, 2018: Piling on of Ordinary Life Stressors as a Predictor of Potential Suicide: Bill’s Story

QQQ5 March 7, 2018: Job Loss Need Not Be Humiliating

QQQ4 February 21, 2018: Early Recognition of Distress Signals May Have Saved a

Life...Dana's Story 

QQQ3 February 7, 2018: A Crew Member's Death by Suicide

QQQ2 January 24, 2018: Recognizing the Lethality in "Ordinary" Suffering


QQQ1 January 10, 2018: Introducing QPR Quick Quotes