Response Services & Resources 

As partners, the Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation and Aviem International, Inc., can offer a unique blend of planning, training, services, and resources. All are designed to help any organization successfully meet peoples’ needs in a crisis by knowing what to do, how to do it, and when.

Our proven Human Services Response™ model has been successful in helping those involved following a broad range of crises and tragedies in a spectrum of industries:

  • Aviation accidents

  • Cruise ship incidents

  • Train derailments

  • Employee injuries and deaths

  • Bus crashes/road accidents

  • Oil/Gas fires and explosions

  • Natural disasters

  • Piracy/Hijackings

  • Facility fires/explosions

  • Mass evacuations

  • Criminal acts

  • Industrial accidents

  • Tour/Excursion incidents

  • Civil unrest

  • Business interruptions/disruptions

  • Terrorist attacks

In a crisis, the Foundation, Aviem, and our partners can provide critical services and resources including: 

  • Care Team Personnel and Coordination

  • Emergency Telephone Support​ (Inbound & Outbound, including critical First Contact calls)

  • Information Management

  • Go Team and On-Site Facility Coordination/Operation

  • Liaison With Authorities

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Human Remains Repatriation

  • Personal Effects Recovery & Return, Site Remediation, and Wreckage Recovery

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