Hurricanes Katrina and Rita


The Family Assistance Foundation provided us valuable, comprehensive support in our efforts to assist our people in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The vast experience this organization possess in supporting victims and families in disasters world-wide proved indispensable. Their teams integrated quickly and seamlessly into our organization enabling a rapid and meaningful response to a very broad range of our people’s needs. The greatest evidence of their effectiveness was the warm and heartfelt thanks we received from the many families we were able to help. I highly recommend their services for any disaster relief efforts.


Jon Marshall
President and CEO, Global Santa Fe

U.K. Bombings


In response to the recent U.K. Bombings, our member organizations gladly offered assistance to our colleagues with the UK Metropolitan Police Family Assistance unit by arranging meet/greet services at various airports and facilitated assistance in the travel and transportation of victims and their respective families. The FAF helped one of the families who lived in the U.S. Our colleague, Phil Warren with Aviem International, Inc. and former Metropolitan Police officer, worked closely with the U.K. Rail companies and other local agencies to lend his support and assistance. We received a nice note to thank our FAF volunteers - thank you.



Myself and my fellow family liaison Terry Sibson would like to thank you for the kind help afforded by you and your colleagues with the Frederick family. It is people like yourselves that make our role so much easier and soften the trauma suffered by the family of the deceased.


Thank you again for your efforts.


Best regards, 


Graham Roberts
UK Metropolitian Police

The help that was provided by FAF members after the London bombings was extremely significant. It provided a dimension to the response that I know was greatly appreciated by the families. What was also apparent to me was the open hearted way they went about their work. Their passion and commitment was inspiring. 

Duncan McGarry
UK National Police Family Liaison Officer Advisor

What Airlines Say About the Foundation


No one plans on having an air disaster, but as a thriving airline we face the reality of something happening, sometime. When the unthinkable occurs, the immediate needs of our passenger survivors, crewmembers, family & friends are our paramount concern and responsibility, therefore preparation and a timely response is key.


As our emergency department utilizes every available resource to educate our company and employees in response and preparedness, one of our strongest resources is the Family Assistance Foundation (FAF).


Knowing that the FAF is available to supplement our HpEART Family Assistance program, with knowledgeable and experienced participants who can assist in the planning and response whenever we may need it, is extremely reassuring to our organization.


We can’t always control what happens to us, but thanks to the FAF, we can always control how we react to a situation.


Christopher Rausch
Manager, Emergency Planning

& Response, America West Airlines


As a new airline member to the Foundation I have found the symposiums to be very enlightening. I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to spend time with the families & survivors, as this venue offers a very relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The families and survivors have so much to offer in regards to how we train our volunteers. I truly value and respect their comments. 


Marjorie Sykes
Manager, Emergency Response

& Planning, ATA Airlines

At Virgin Atlantic we are very aware that should an incident occur involving one of our aircraft, tremendous pressures would be placed on us as a organisation The goal of our company will be to ensure we look after the needs of the survivors and family members and friends, whilst working under very heavy stress levels. Knowing we can call the Family Assistance Foundation to assist us gives us a comfort factor. It will be a truly immense time for our organisation and working with the Foundation we know we will deliver a complex response that is consistent, complete and competent. A tough proposition for any organisation – but with the right skills and tactics that the Foundation offers, we can realise THE ideal. 


Ritchie Swain
Contingency Planning Manager

Virgin Atlantic Airways


What Professionals Say About the Foundation


The FAF is the only organization I know that brings together survivors, aviation industry personnel, mental health and spiritual care professionals to discuss and improve upon the response to aviation disasters. The Foundation’s educational sessions successfully combine the head and heart issues so helpers are assisted in providing their most informed and compassionate efforts toward mitigating the devastation of an airline tragedy. 


Bonnita Wirth
Disaster Psychologist (has responded

to eight aviation disasters)


What Survivors Say About the Foundation


One only has to look to the past history of post-crash treatment of families to realize how poorly they have been treated, often with negative results for all involved! I see no negatives in the care team philosophy that your program offers and would highly recommend the service to all aviation related concerns. The Atlanta symposium attended by officials from around the world gave me some insight to current value and the potential benefits of your program. 


Mike Low
Father of Sara Low, American Airlines Flight Attendant,

AA Flight 11, September 11, 2001


The Family Assistance Foundation (FAF) provides vital services to survivors, families, and the industry. Often FAF works behind the scenes, training those that respond to crises.


The FAF continuously works with survivors, family members, specialists, and the industry to improve the quality care for the response. I am grateful to FAF for helping those that helped me and others like me following my crash and for training other responders.


Colonel Jeff Arnold, Survivor
American Flight 1420, June 1, 1999