Wednesday Wisdom

Our Wednesday Wisdom series features nuggets from our experience and research. Each installment is a brief reminder that a fully integrated approach for assisting survivors of traumatic loss involves a balance of head and heart.


Wednesday Wisdom is written and copyrighted by Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D., and distributed by the Family Assistance Education & Research Foundation Inc. Reprinting or sharing Wednesday Wisdom is allowed with written permission from the Foundation.

WW 91 April 1, 2020: A Personal Reflection: A Mother's Friend Shares Her Grief​

WW 90 March 4, 2020: Resilience as a Learned Trait: One Survivor's Story

WW 89 February 5, 2020: The Airport Community as One Team

WW 88 January 1, 2020: The Healing Power of Experiences that Don't Make Sense, Logically Part II

WW 87 December 4, 2019: The Healing Power of Experiences that Don't Make Sense, Logically Part 1

WW86 November 6, 2019: The Scientific Explanation of a Well-Known Paranormal Aviation Story

WW85 October 2, 2019: Captain Al Haynes... A Reluctant Hero

WW84 September 4, 2019: The Crash of USAir Flight 427: A Case Study of How Passage of Time May Not Predict Healing

WW83 August 7, 2019: Robert W. Baker... A Conscious Leader Ahead of His Time

WW82 July 3, 2019: An Employee Survivor Looks Back, Twenty Years Following the Crash of AA Flight 1420

WW81 June 5, 2019: A Passenger Survivor Looks Back, Twenty Years Following the Crash of AA Flight 1420

WW80 May 1, 2019: Loved Ones of Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 Mark the Thirtieth Year in a Memorial Celebration

WW79 April 3, 2019: Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivor Becomes A Flight Attendant as A Way to Help Others

WW78 March 6, 2019: Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivor: A Case Study in Resilience

WW77 February 6, 2019: Perfect Partnerships

WW76 January 2, 2019: Grieving Employees Need Options Too​

WW75 December 19, 2018: Starting the New Year with Purpose​

WW74 December 5, 2018: Fight/Flight or Tend and Befriend? Creating A Healing Environment for Crisis Response


WW73 November 21, 2018: Exercising the Human Side of your Station and Port Response Plan

WW72 November 7, 2018: Self-Compassion Includes Forgiving Ourselves and Others

WW71 October 24, 2018: Mindful Self-Compassion: Essential to Training to Care and Special Assistance Team Responders

WW70 October 10, 2018: Lessons Learned from Survivor Speakers, Santiago, Chile, September 2018, Part III

WW69 September 26, 2018: Lessons Learned from Survivor Speakers, Santiago, Chile, September 2018, Part II

WW68 September 12, 2018: Lessons Learned from Survivor Speakers, Santiago, Chile, September 2018, Part I

WW67 August 29, 2018: Listening, Learning and Bearing Witness

WW66 August 15, 2018: Supporting Those Who Wait for Tragic News

WW65 August 1, 2018: Managing Attachment Fatigue and the Separation Phase of a Response

WW64 July 18, 2018: Working with Negative Bias During Early Stage of Crisis

WW63 July 4, 2018: Byron's Legacy

WW62 June 20, 2018: Using Words to Connect, Inform and Track with Survivors Part III

WW61 June 6, 2018: Using Words to Connect and Inform Part II

WW60 May 23, 2018: Using Words to Connect and Inform Part I

WW59 May 9, 2018: The Role of Schema in Survivor Response: From the Aviation Employee's Perspective Part III

WW58 April 25, 2018: The Role of Schema in Survivor Response: From the Cruise Line Employee's Perspective Part II

WW57 April 11, 2018:The Role of Schema in Survivor Response: During and Following Traumatic Experiences Part I

WW56 March 28, 2018: Just World Theory Applied to HSR™ Training

WW55 March 14, 2018: The Crucial Nature of Connections: Aviation and Cruise Line Examples

WW54 February 28, 2018: Shattered Assumptions Part II: The Employee's Perspective

WW53 February 14, 2018  Shattered Assumptions Part I: How an Organization's Response to Trauma Influences the Way Survivors Rebuild their Assumptions about the World

WW52 January 31, 2018: Helping the Helpers not to Harm... The Origins of Human Service Response™, Part II

WW51 January 17, 2018: Calling a Spade a Spade... Or the Importance of Naming a Traumatic Event: The origins of Human Service Response™, Part 1

WW50 January 3, 2018: Intentions Behind the Foundation's Educational Efforts in 2018

WW49 December 20, 2017: Making Music and Following Your Bliss in the New Year 

WW48 December 6, 2017: Summer is Comprised of More than One Season

WW47 November 22, 2017: The Foundation Expresses Gratitude to All for Allowing us to Serve

WW46 November 8, 2017: Emotional Bonding is Critical to Transformation from
Trauma: Moving from 'victim' to 'survivor'

WW45 October 25, 2017: Integration of Traumatic Stress Part 2

WW44 October 11, 2017: Integration of Traumatic Stress Part 1

WW43 September 27, 2017: Traumatic Stress Part 2: Not All Survivors Need to Express Emotions

WW42 September 13, 2017: Traumatic Stress Part 1: Environment as a Key Factor in

a Survivor's Recovery

WW41 August 30, 2017: Can Feelings of Gratitude Help Survivors Heal from Trauma? Part II

WW40 August 16,2017: Can Feelings of Gratitude Help Survivors Heal from Trauma? Part I

WW39 August 2, 2017: Recognizing the Many Who Have Helped Family Assistance Evolve

WW38 July 19, 2017: The Importance of Learning from the Real Experts

WW37 July 5, 2017:Don't Let Good Intentions Make Bad News Worse

WW36 June 21, 2017: Telling the Truth as a Form of Empowerment

WW35 June 7, 2017: Where Does Religion Fit Into Support Offered by 

Care Team Members?​

WW34 May 24, 2016: Death Ends a Life, Not a Relationship 

WW33 May 10, 2017: Why Organizations Should "Project the Brand," Not "Protect the Brand"

WW32 April 26, 2017: It Takes a Team to Properly Assist Survivors

WW31 April 12, 2017: Myth 7 - "To ensure a realistic emergency response exercise or practice drill, should role-players be encouraged to show anger and aggression toward
the company responders?"

WW30 March 29, 2017:Myth 6 - "Now that so many State, Federal and Local authorities respond to mass casualty events, does a company really need to send their own employees to assist survivors and families?"

WW29 March 15, 2017: Myth 5 - "Is it True That Parents who Lose Children 

Always get Divorced?"

WW28 March 1, 2017: Myth 4 - "Is it True Survivors of Traumatic Loss Should not Make Changes in Their Lives for One Year, or Maybe Two, After the Crisis?"

WW27 February 15, 2017: Myth 3 - "If I assist traumatized people, will I be traumatized too?"

WW26 February 1, 2017: Myth 2 - "Should the person who who provides the initial notification of a person's involvement in a tragedy really be allowed to assist the same family?Wouldn't that be harmful to the family members?"

WW25 January 18, 2017: Lessons Learned Are Part of Honoring Losses

WW24 January 4, 2017: Myth 1: Why Try, Survivors Will Just File a Lawsuit Anyway!

WW23 December 21, 2016: Grief During the Holidays: A Challenging Time for All 

WW22 December 7, 2016: Gifts That Cost Nothing...but Time

WW21 November 23, 2016: Expressing Gratitude...Another Form of Service

WW20 November 9, 2016: Teamwork Under Pressure: "Better to talk with someone than about someone."

WW19 October 26, 2018: The I's Have it! The Importance of Ensuring that the Impact of Your Words, Match Your Intention

WW18 October12, 2016: Is It an "Incident", "Accident", "Event" or What?

WW17 September28, 2016: Do No Harm with Your Personal Social Media

WW16 September 14, 2016: The Instinct to Help is Natural, the How is Not

WW15 August 31, 2016: Selecting the Right Person for the Right Role


WW14 August 17, 2016: "Getting Over It" is Never the Goal in Loss


WW13 August 3, 2016: Bereavement Counseling Should not be Offered in Acute Phase Trauma

WW12 July 20, 2016: The word "Closure" is Not a Good Word to Use with Families Whose Loved One has Died


WW11 July 6, 2016: Supporting Employee Responders During and After the Crisis

WW10 June 22,2016: The Orlando Tragedy: Another Reminder to Test Your Plan


WW9 June 8, 2016: Empathy and Compassion, Partners in Supporting Survivors


WW8 May 25, 2016: Forgiveness Comes More Readily with Compassionate Response


WW7 May 11, 2016: The Impact of First Contact


WW6 April 27, 2016: A Time and a Place for Everything


WW5 April 13, 2016: Preparation is Key to Preventing Second Assaults


WW4 March 30, 2016: Embracing a Wide Circle of Compassion


WW3 March 16, 2016: Making Survivors your First Priority


WW2 March 2, 2016: Pre-Crisis Preparation Can Connect Survivors with Survivors


WW1 February 17, 2016: Compassion is at the Center of Helping Survivors